onsdag 20. juli 2011

The template for search engine optimization

Some simple steps, tips for search engine optimization - SEO.
The template for search engine optimization:

1. Build, construct a good side, preferably from the bottom with the use of codes, etc. If using templates / applications, make sure that they are search engine friendly. Have not too many pictures, etc. on the main page.

2. Write a good text on the main page that contains the relevant words (keywords) for what you are doing, where they naturally belong in the flow stream. This do not need to be long, but informative. Make sure you have the correct titles of each page.

3. Insert the appropriate number of internal and external links, in / out, where they naturally belong in the flow on the main page. Preferably have one or more in with the relatively high traffic, can go both ways, but should not be led too much away.

4. Set up the other, and sub-pages etc. with what is relevant and put the buttons or the names of these relevant to what you are doing or key words for this with a smaller number of internal and / or external links.

This works and is largely independent of the meta-stuff etc and getting the website confirmed, etc. in the search engines, even though this is also recommended, but not vital.

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